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The most complicated vehicle repair is the transmission repair. Amateur mechanics will often leave them for a professional technician to fix. Even professional mechanics will pass them along to a specialist. Briarwood Auto Service in Tulsa, OK is able to get your vehicle’s automatic or manual transmission back to its original condition. Enhance your vehicle’s road performance with our quality transmission services. If your transmission is slipping out of gear, slow to engage, or shifting roughly let our techs fix it for you. Whatever you’re driving–automatic, manual, semi-automatic–our technicians have the experience and training you need. Every transmission repair service starts with a correct diagnosis. We make sure you’re never receiving unnecessary transmission repairs. Anytime someone diagnoses an expensive transmission repair, feel free to use us as a second or third opinion. You will always get the truth at Briarwood Auto Service, so that’s what you can expect.

Engine and Transmission Replacements

Transmission repairs and services are too important to ignore. Like other repair services, the earlier we see it, the better for you and your vehicle. If you can tell that your vehicle is shifting gears at all, it’s a bad sign. Your automatic transmission should be shifting you into and out of higher gears seamlessly. We’re also able to provide any clutch repairs affecting your manual transmission’s performance. Our clutch repair experts will get your sports car, off-road truck, or luxury sedan shifting gears with ease again after a quality clutch adjustment. Briarwood Auto Service performs complete and thorough transmission services. We want all Tulsa drivers who are experiencing transmission performance issues, to make us their next stop. Bring your vehicle to our transmission repair facility and leave all of your transmission’s issues here with us! We perform quality transmission services as well as entire engine or transmission replacements.

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We’re ready to enhance your vehicle’s performance. No matter what your vehicle’s purpose or your driving habits, the transmission requires special attention. Let the Briarwood team show you a new standard for transmission care. We remain the go-to auto repair location because of our quick, accurate, and affordable services. Taking care of the transmission will improve every driving experience, making them safe, comfortable and effective. Our expert facility improves the typical service experience with repairs and services that are quick and affordable. Come visit our transmission experts today at our conveniently located E. 46th Street repair shop.